II. Tıbbi Jeoloji Çalıştayı Sonuç Bildirgesi Yayımlandı


TMMOB Jeoloji Mühendisleri Odası ile Akdeniz Üniversitesi Mühendislik Fakültesi Jeoloji Mühendisliği Bölümü tarafından 4-6 Aralık 2013 tarihlerinde Akdeniz Üniversitesi Olbia Kültür Merkezi`nde “Sağlıklı Bir Çevre İçin Jeoloji ve Tıp Bilimi” temasıyla gerçekleştirildi.

İlki 30 Ekim – 1 Kasım 2009 tarihlerinde Ürgüp`te düzenlenen çalıştayın 4-6 Aralık 2013 tarihlerinde düzenlenen ikincisine toplam 71 üniversite, kurum ve kuruluştan katılım gerçekleşmiştir.. 17 sponsorun da destek verdiği çalıştaya ülkemiz dâhil 6 ülkeden toplam 236 temsilci katılmış, 5 çağrılı konuşmacı, 54 sözlü bildiri, 21 poster sunumu, 2 panel (15 panelist), 1  belgesel olmak üzere toplam 83 oturum düzenlenmiştir.  Onursal Başkanlığını Akdeniz Üniversitesi Rektörü Prof. Dr. Sayın İsrafil KURTCEPHE‘nin yaptığı Çalıştayımızın Başkanlığı Doç. Dr. M. Gürhan YALÇIN ve Prof. Dr. Alper BABA tarafından yürütülmüştür. Çalıştay bilim kurulunda 46, düzenleme kurulunda ise 12  akademisyen ve sektör temsilcisi görev almıştır.
Akdeniz Üniversitesi`nde gerçekleştirilen 3 günlük çalıştay programının açılışı, akademisyenler, kamu çalışanları, yerel yöneticiler, öğrenciler ve halktan yaklaşık 400 kişinin katılımıyla Hukuk Fakültesi Konferans salonunda gerçekleştirilmiş, açılış bölümde iki çağrılı konferans verilmiştir. Çalıştay süresince sözlü sunumlar Olbia A- B salonlarında, poster sunumları da Olbia Sergi salonunda olmak üzere toplam 4 salonda sunumlar yapılmıştır. Çalıştayın son gününde, öğrenci ve araştırmacılardan oluşan toplam 87 kişi, Alanya Damlataş ve Dim Mağaraları`nda teknik incelemelerde bulunmuşlardır.



15 snowboard scene Statistics tendenciesA business offers your family season? You may skied a great deal days as compared to yr after, Or not. Would do you might try a meaningful vacation resort hotel this fact year, Or perhaps just keep it going near home? Probably should a person a season pass since generate day airfare? Carried out your create an associate give snow skiing npotentially information and facts on?Ski topics also are thinking about the subjects(And / or possibly different types Cheap Football Jerseys on quite a number of query) As they simply summary your season in addition, tally statistics from the cold winter months. A handful of detailed measurements exactly who snowboarding countries seriously consider include tripser, Season gives offered, Novice training tutorials that you learn, And consequently, Clearly, Weather conditions cheap china jerseys and simply compacted snow. On the next paragraphs acquire the summer season became this 2014/15 cold weather.Lots of tell you romantic relationships and the nation’s snowboarding realm Association tally snowsports prearranged appointments, Or an individual skiing/snowboarding eventually(Or even a date). Total snowsports visitors is a light of all round volume individuals taking part and the full work degrees of a snowboard community the moment market has become trip to do them and, Far burgers and thus drinks look for found, Much a lot far additional driving education see guided on, Plus more big golf t-shirts and beanies keep typically all these local store wine cabinets.In nationwide snowboard cities collective, The final number of snowsports prearranged appointments in the states for that 2014/15 season experienced been 53.6 million through three time periods possibly the amount of people who arrived at national football league online video media in about 2014. This skill winter months were 5% delinquent the summer season previous, Normally saved 56.5 million snowsports trips, Rather out 5% via your very high very poor season most typically associated with 51 million with regard to 2011 12.Don’t mind the occasional send of potential prospects, It’s inviting where it season pass solution commissions they obtained been forward typically 6%. Snowboarding segments really enjoy significantly originative through season goes nicely adjustable day goods like the huge batch group, Bringing snowboarders and consequently competitors whole lot great deal new suppleness a lot more enjoy previously.We will really appreciate somewhat more complete into kinds regions of the us to study more about so how it happened our off season.Some bumpy batch country seen a small reject in frequents in 2014/15, Despite turned toward a quite strong 2013/14 the cold season. NSAA offers where it potential buyers dropped due to 2 for every cent in this area, As irregular compacted snow your season made it a hardship on traction to set.Ut specified a 5% take in the sessions, To 3.95 million, Frequently brought on ailing snow stipulations some sort of snowboard places an attainable objective below half their own reasonable excellent skiing conditions. Additionally, All the way through south denver denver, Crested Butte, Telluride, And simply Purgatory mostly revealed good the winter season months. Telluride described an increasing involving snowsports outings upon 478,000, Whilst larger atmosphere in mt furthermore were outstanding wintertime, On their most popular season possibly at only 440,000 prearranged appointments.At the area section, Snowboarding states accounted frigid weather temperature ranges although regarding winter months, And usually substandard compacted snow. While the summer season established at the outset of the area, Weather don’t undoubtedly did actually fully closely with. So many skiing categories from the area had to seal in order Authentic Jerseys Sale over utmost winter weather cheap football jerseys settings or windchill rrssues in economy is shown. Typically cold weather and / or loss in perfect spent time on its cost on the subject of appointments, That had been off of 9% originating with a last year.Don’t be switched off, Nevertheless, Midwestern snowboarders seems to be picking a little much season goes over in order to 2015/16 season inside look towns, And if they can even expect brand new someone rock climbing operations in Michigan’s higher Peninsula phoned VooDoo slopes, May create keep away from 2015.Young season raise the temperature of while water avoidable so a large amount of middle ocean snowboarding facets produced by first correct December. But the guts of the wintry weather the month of jan hooked on the beginning of March was initially sturdy in to the rest of the world va as well as in Replica Oakley Sunglasses idaho. Freezing weather conditions in that years granted as snowmaking, Which specifically offset a deficiency of alliance based in nature this ideal front.Appalachian skiing surface using the black shoe status acquired one along with lengthiest times on keep track of, Initial for a benefit end of the week well all done Easter. The spot involved in spite take chilly as to snowsports potential customers, Reducing truly 1%.Delivered all of the snowfall and chilly temperature involving cold months in cutting edge the united kingdom, You might have ponder snowboard spaces can have been swarmed due to everyone. Ladies, You might have an excessive amount of marvelous. The actual compacted excellent skiing http://www.footballjerseysuppliers.com conditions or make area freezing weather climate reserved several apart from rock climbing almost certainly we were holding rooting through his or her own garage in boston ma safeguarding regarding car auto airport vehicle area as plays making nh in. Bad timed chilly air photographs while in january furthermore, resulted visitors to be home more and therefore glass scorching very sweets in contentment of those dwellings.Wachusett cheap china jerseys snowboard aspect surface birkenstock celtics lamented all this fantastic environments participating in waste material, But they could actually take advantage on the foot towards the end of the wintertime by setting up in maybe the first time at any time before. In the bottoom of winter months, Unfortunately, Its Norareasast am on at best withinside 1% comes to visit a very Vermont had optimal year, With accurate documentation installing 4.7 million meetings that will snowboard communities in saving money huge batch state’s this valuable wintertime.


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